Antartica under climate attack

The devastating thawing of permafrost as a result of global warming has been detected in Antarctica.

Antarctic ice melting faster

Permafrost in Antarctica is melting 10 times faster  than it used to, American scientists have reported.  They predict major consequences for climate change.



Who did what to whom and how?

100,000 people were at Open Day and half of them went to the science faculty open day. A quarter of them went to Arts.  15% went to Law.  10% went to Archeology. T”his was a massive increase in interest in Science”, the Vice Chancellor’s Office said. Concerned by the break down


More students interested in Science at Uni

Unusually, half the 100,000 students attending Melbourne University Open Day visited the science faculty raising concerns from the Vice Chancellor about low numbers interested in humanities.



Are you safe on twitter?

Is it impossible to be safe in your own home as a woman – when you are connected to Twitter?

Twitter is the regular haunt of enraged and anti-social perps who sling abuse and hatred at others.  Many of the attackers are anonymous, have multiple accounts and believe they are beyond reproach.

This can make Twitter a very un-safe place for women to hang-out.

The problem has been highlighted in the UK by women who have been victims of threats and verbal abuse.  Twitter has been forced to up its security options for its users.

Currently, Twitter users who experience attacks can report abusers or can block them.

What have been your experiences?

Have you been attacked on Twitter?  Are you male or female?

How have you responded?  Do you feel safe on Twitter?

Flick me a comment about your twitter experiences.  Keen to hear!